What is a person who loves to shop called?

Lifestyle and Shopping What is a person who loves to shop called?

The Joyful Journey of Retail Tourists

Now, when we think of shopping, the standard supermarket sweep might come to mind - picking up milk and bread for the week. But, delving deeper into the world of shopping, you'll discover a delightful tribe of enthusiasts who are retail tourists! These folks find bliss amidst aisles and sales racks, they're always looking for a bargain, trying on new styles, or hunting for that unique item.

Of course, shopping isn’t just about buying things; it’s a sociocultural activity. It’s the thrill of the hunt, the satisfaction of a deal well struck, the joy of finding that perfect item, and the sheer delight of strolling around a well-stocked store. So, whether it's perusing through stacks of vintage vinyl records or ogling at high-end designer fashion, these retail tourists live for the pleasure that shopping brings. Oh, and by the way, this can be a family affair! Matilda, my daughter, has shown early symptoms of being a prospective retail tourist already!

Shopaholics: Is It in Your Genes?

There's a term that's often thrown around when we talk about people who can't resist the allure of shopping - 'shopaholics'. Even if the term originated from a humorous blend of shop and alcoholic, it has a more scientific name, compulsive buying disorder (CBD). But, despite the humorous undertone, this is a serious condition that can lead to severe financial and personal consequences. So, we are by no means using the term lightly here, but just labeling the love of shopping as it's popularly known.

A study from San Francisco State University once stated that about 6% of the US population could be diagnosed with CBD. On a lighter note, just because you love shopping doesn't necessarily mean that you are clinically obsessive about it. Some folks may just possess the 'shopping gene'. Yes, you read that right! The 'DRD4 gene', known for its role in dopamine receptors, has a variant that's linked with 'novelty-seeking' behavior, which could explain the love for shopping.

Exploring Your Inner Oniomania

Well, now let's step back into the land of Greek derivations - 'Oniomania'! This term, derived from the Greek words "ṓnios" for 'for sale' and "manía" for insanity, literally translates to 'buying madness'. But, hold your horses, or should I say, shopping carts! Oniomania isn't the fun, quirky hobby we've been discussing; rather, it's a clinical condition closely paralleling compulsive buying disorder. However, knowing the term gives you quite the party trivia don't you think? "Hey, did you know there's a Greek term for shopping addiction?" Now, that's bound to earn some fascinated nods.

I once bought a fancy espresso machine; I don’t even drink coffee! Of course, I couldn’t hold a candle to the notorious Imelda Marcos, wife of the former Philippines' dictator, who had about 3,000 pairs of shoes. Believe me, my espresso machine ordeal quickly faded after I learned about her story.

The Ballad of the Bargain Hunters

Among the retail loving populace, a vibrant variety is the band of 'Bargain Hunters'. Fueled by a relentless pursuit for value and discounts, these individuals, armed with coupons and memberships, are a sight to behold during sales. Science even backs this up; scoring a great deal triggers dopamine release, which creates feelings of joy and satisfaction. It's a kind of shopper's high. Take a detour to Black Friday or end-of-season sales, and you'll find these brave hunters, armed with wish-lists and calculators, making the most out of every dollar.

My son, Carter, once wanted this video game that wasn’t exactly cheap. Instead of an outright no, we made a deal. If he could find the best bargain around, using price comparisons, coupons, or sales, he could get it. Good news, he found a deal that was 50% less and learned a valuable lesson in bargain hunting!

Hoarding Treasures: The Chronicles of a Collector

Let's celebrate the 'Collectors' out there! From comic books to vintage shoes, collectors love shopping for the thrill of acquiring items they're passionate about. Perhaps it's about the nostalgic rush or simply the satisfaction of completing a collection. Their shopping escapades are often filled with in-depth research, patient hunting, and inevitably, the ecstatic joy of acquisition.

The idea of collection can often become a satisfying and educating hobby. I recall the time I began collecting stamps. It was more than just hoarding tiny pieces of paper. I learned about geography, history, culture, and even earned a few friends in the stamps collectors' community. Indeed, shopping for a collector isn’t merely an activity, but an adventurous journey.

Phenomenon of Window Shopping

And finally, let's take a moment to appreciate the 'Window Shoppers', souls who thrive on the euphoria of beauty, novelty, and retail aesthetics, without the overwhelming need to purchase. They steel themselves against impulsive purchases and love to live vicariously through well-dressed mannequins. Window shopping is more of an art, a delectable visual feast, and subtle ode to the act of shopping itself.

Everyone enjoys the occasional bit of window shopping. The other day Matilda and I spent an afternoon at the mall, just looking at the store displays and inventing stories for the mannequins behind the glass. We went home richer in shared memories, lighter on stress, but without a single shopping bag in sight!

So, there you have it. A joyful trip down the lane of retail love. Shopping isn’t merely a mundane trip to the local grocer. It’s an adventure, a pastime, a therapy, and a hobby for many. Now that you've unlocked the fun and fascinating vernacular of retail enthusiasts, next time you go shopping - be it a grocery run, a Black Friday mission, or a simple afternoon stroll at the mall - remember, you're adding a chapter to the grand annals of retail historians.